One Year and Stronger Than Ever

That’s right everyone, my boys are one year old. They are both doing fantastic, growing and developing like champs. Oh and they are really into frosting right now. Not cake. Frosting. 

For those of you curious about what they are doing from a developmental standpoint, here’s where we are.

Giovanni has been pulling himself up for months, using the couch, ottoman, baby gates or nearest person. He recently started taking some chances and letting go for a few seconds and standing. We also practice walking, with him holding our hands, and he loves that. He talks a lot and says things like mama, dada, and nana very clearly. He loves to feed himself using his hands and has gotten quite good at it. He’s a handful and we adore him. 

Dominic has perfected his “leap frog”. This is his current way of getting around, as we are still working on crawling. He has all of the right ideas but apparently bouncing on all fours and then hurling himself forward is far more enjoyable. He can put himself in sitting up position on his own and he does it with ease now, and he sits up very straight and strong. We are trying to get him used to bearing some weight on his legs, and with our help he is able to stand for a good 30 seconds, sometimes even longer. He babbles a ton, and says mama and dada very clearly. We are working with a feeding specialist to learn how to chew, move his tongue laterally, and to strengthen all of the mouth muscles. With that said, puréed foods are still his jam. We do offer small pieces of food and he eats it just fine, but it mostly just gets swallowed. All in all, his PT and OT are very pleased with his progress and we are extremely proud, he’s perfection. 

It’s so hard to believe that they were this small once, but what an amazing year it has been. These boys have taken us on quite the ride, and we’ve loved every minute.

If anyone out there has any questions regarding their development, how my typical baby is helping to teach my DS baby, or how they compare to one another, I’m happy to share what I’ve noticed and learned. I’m not an expert at all, just a mama. Please just ask, I’m happy to share.