Some days you feel like a rockstar, like someone is setting them up so you can knock them down. You get through your to do list with ample time and make plenty of time for smiles and laughter. 

Some days you are chasing an impossible schedule, can’t remember what you need to do and just feel like a failure. 

I am enjoying one of the latter today. I have chosen to be 5 minutes late to work so I can snuggle my babies for one more moment and write this post. Make time for what you love, right? 

You are always enough. Take it easy on yourself, I know I am.


Monday, I’m Ready for You


Snapshot from Saturday brunch

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, the kind that inspires, relaxes and makes you wish for one more day. Weekends truly are the best (especially for those of us who have a pretty normal 9-5 kind of week). Monotony rears its ugly head all too easily, so we must use the weekend or whatever down time we have, as an opportunity to shake things up a bit.

We had the privilege of having some family in town this weekend and we had a nice visit, loads of laughter, too much food, and heartfelt goodbyes–the really good stuff.

At this very moment, it is a sunny Sunday afternoon, about 70 degrees, I’m enjoying some fetamole and tortilla chips as I write, and I’m listening to Bastille. In these moments, I don’t think about Monday, the stress, the work, or the meetings; I just enjoy the quiet in my mind. With this quiet, it is easy to see the parts of the week I’m looking forward to and enter the week with a more positive mindset.

Here is what I have to look forward to this week:

Taco Tuesday
Wearing fall clothes
New Post-It note goals
Craft studio planning
My husband’s birthday preparations

What has you pumped for the week?

With things like this to get excited about, I just want you to know…Monday, I’m ready for you.