Printed Jogger Pants


I’ve been sewing! I took these wide leg pants…

585and transformed them into jogger pants!


I’ve been wanting a pair for a while now but decided that I needed to make them if I wanted them that badly.

My sewing skills are, for the most part, self taught, and I do a lot by trial and error. This is why I’m not providing a tutorial, and I hope you forgive me for that. I simply started pinning and cutting until I reached the desired silhouette. Here is my finished look!


Don’t laugh, this was my first go at using a timer and taking photos of myself. Let me tell you…it’s not easy!


This project cost me a couple bucks because these are sample sale pants and I already had the thread. It was a really fun project, so now I’m looking at other clothing to see what I can make it into.