Fall Fashion 2013: Game Plan

Here’s my plan… I am armed and ready!

Post its, notebook, pencil, Sharpie and a glass of water...this is tough work!

Post its, notebook, pencil, Sharpie and a glass of water…this is tough work!

Step 1: What I have

Review what you have and really be honest about what you got use out of last year. If you didn’t wear it last year, why didn’t you wear it, will you wear it this year? You’re also looking for holes in your wardrobe. Are there new trends you’d like to try out? Is there a crazy void of color? Keep these thoughts in mind, as you go and jot them down. I absolutely have to write things down to remember them, so make notes if it helps you. Mental notes are good too.

Step 2: List of needs and wants

Once you’ve gone through what you have, you can really see what you’re missing. Make a list with two columns, needs and wants. If you can’t repair your favorite black cardigan and you wear it all the time, that’s a need. If you’ve been thinking you could use a pink wool coat like the one Eva Mendes wore that one time, that’s a want. This helps focus your thoughts for shopping.

Step 3: Ditch or donate

Go through and decide what isn’t getting worn this year. I have a couple items every year that hang in the closet all season long, then get stored for next season and then hang in the closet all season long again. BE HONEST. If you’re not going to wear it and it’s in great shape, you have options–donate to a friend who will wear it, donate to Goodwill or Dress for Success, or if you need the cash, sell it to a place like Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet.  On the other hand, if it has seen better days, and isn’t worthy of being donated, throw it away or use it for scrap fabric. No matter what, don’t let it take up valuable space in your closet.

Step 4: Repair or re-imagine

Do you have items that just don’t fit properly, items that haven’t been worn because you’re missing a button or have a broken zipper? Fix them and enjoy them! Do you have a dress that is just a little too long, a top that needs to be taken in just a smidge? Alter them! Do you have a skirt in a gorgeous pattern and can’t figure out why you haven’t worn it? Re-imagine! Can it be a mini instead of a maxi? Can it be a top? Can you add a new waistband? Get creative and if possible, take on the project yourself. If you’re not comfortable attempting a project like this, find a tailor and make it work for you.

Step 5: Set a budget for shopping

It is tempting to go out on a shopping spree and buy all items on your need list and perhaps a few from your want list. I have found that spacing it out allows me to buy more of what I really love. If I know that I have $50 to spend per paycheck (two weeks) then I can take my time, shop on-line, stop in to shops and really buy something that I love. When I have money burning a hole in my handbag, and I know I’m shopping for a pair of black booties, I buy the first good deal I see. This could also be that I’m a serial list maker and REALLY enjoy crossing things off my list, but I think it’s also about being excited to buy things. Bottom line, fashion is fun, it’s a way to express your personality for all to see, BUT it becomes really uncool when you’re in debt because of your shopping habits. Soooo, set a budget and play it cool. There are tons of deals out there to be found…Amazon, Forever 21, Asos, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx,  TargetScoutfit, Shoedazzle, and the list goes on…

Step 6: Make sure your new additions have friends

When buying new items, make sure that you already have things to pair with it. The best purchases are versatile items that will enter into your wardrobe seamlessly and have lots and lots of  “friends” / possibilities.

Alright, tomorrow we tackle shoes & accessories. Flip through magazines and visit for your favorite blogs for Fall inspiration…I know I will be.

2 thoughts on “Fall Fashion 2013: Game Plan

  1. Keely says:

    In addition to my regular shopping list, I also did the trick this year where I flipped all of my hangars around and after I wear something, I put it back the right way – that way, in 6 months I’ll know exactly what I’ve worn and what I should get rid of!

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