Washington State Fair: F-U-N

Ahhhh, the fair. Dreams of eating funnel cake in the sunshine and going on rides all afternoon. What’s that you say? It’s going to be cold and rainy? That doesn’t scare us one bit! I’m too old for roller-coasters? No way!

Here it is, the real deal:

We knew going in that it would be cold, and I believe there was an 80% chance of rain. When we arrived, it was not raining, just a bit chilly, and we had high hopes. We made our way to most important thing of the day, the Washington State Fair Amateur Beer Competition booth. It was a glorious moment to see that my hubby and our dear friend, Mel, had done so well. They placed 2nd and 3rd for some of the beers they entered, and I couldn’t be prouder of them. They’re pretty awesome at what they do. With that checked off the list, we were ready for some adventure! We went full steam ahead towards one of thoseĀ rides that takes you up really, really high and then drops you, and you feel like your stomach is in your throat. It was exhilarating, and with that ride under our belts, we went straight for the next ride, a steel roller-coaster that had many loops and appeared like child’s play after what we had seen. With my arms stretched straight out over my head, the ride takes off, and I’m thinking to myself, “why don’t we go on rides more often??” Yeah, that was short-lived. We hit a serious dip, and I smacked my head way too hard on the head rest. Just like that, arms are down, and I want off. I felt old. You may be wondering how to recover from such a realization…baby farm animals, of course!


It’s a little embarrassing to see how crazy I went over the baby farm animals. That’s a lie, they’re adorable and I’m owning this obsession. After the farm animals, we ate some fried food, played some games, got soaking wet in the rain, and won this guy.



That’s the Washington State Fair in a nutshell. It was good times. Did you go to your state fair this year?

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