Halloween Decor on a Dime

Halloween is right around the corner and we are pleased to be hosting a party, as this is one of our favorite holidays. It may seem odd that I love Halloween so much because I’m a pansy when it comes to all things scary, BUT there is something about the fall weather, dressing up in costume and the use of dry ice to make a normal punch bowl transform into a witch’s cauldron.  I have always had a love/hate relationship with those pop up Halloween stores because the employees would be dressed up in scary costumes, and the decorations made noises and popped out at you as you passed. Despite my fear (and constant mental reminders that it’s all fake), I loved going to pick out my costume. Once we had the costume, the countdown began. I used to love getting into costume and cruising the neighborhood for candy, and it wasn’t all about the candy but more about being out with friends and my little sister. We would get home with rosy cheeks from the cold and change into pj’s–while still donning at least one costume accessory–and go through our loot. We would carefully choose our favorites for immediate enjoyment, and then mom would put a piece or two into lunches for weeks…that was awesome. There is something magical about Halloween and it has not faded for me, not one bit.


Me as a cheerleader, 1988.

A couple things have changed over time, but I think these changes are for the best. #1, I love to DIY, my decorations and costumes (yay, no more scary Halloween store experiences!). #2, I have traded in trick-or-treating for party hosting, and I absolutely love having a full house and entertaining for friends. This party falls on El Dia de los Muertos, so I am going to put a Day of the Dead spin on everything. Keep that in mind as you peruse my décor ideas.

On Saturday I was able to combine some favorites; a bestie, shopping, aaaand Halloween. To prepare for my party décor shopping, I pulled out my old Halloween decorations to see which ones would return to their former glory. Here’s what we have that fits the bill.





Then I checked out Pinterest for inspiration, check out my board.

I narrowed it down to my favorite ideas and happily hit The Dollar Tree and Party City, with my bestie in tow. I am a firm believer in making the most with what you have, so a large portion of the décor will be DIY based on what I have, or on what we bought for cheap. Here’s what we picked up.

20131021-190435.jpg 20131021-190415.jpg 20131021-190356.jpg 20131021-190345.jpg


  • I have reused some skulls and added faux flowers.
  • I have added some spider webs to our art wall– fun fact; all of these works of art were painted by my dad.


More photos to come as this Halloween / Day of the Dead Wonderland comes to together.

Happy Monday!


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