Snow Lake Hike


On Saturday morning, we braved the cold and set out on a hike to Snow Lake at the Snoqualmie Pass. When I say that we braved the cold, I mean that we were prepared to encounter some snow and perhaps endure a soggy hike; however, we were not prepared to go the whole hike in the snow. AT. ALL. Well, as the story goes, it was a very cold and very snowy hike. It was absolutely beautiful and 100% worth it, but next time we intend to wear an extra layer and our waterproof gear. The trail itself was actually pretty easy at 6.4 miles roundtrip, and with only a 1000 foot climb. The toughest thing we had to deal with was the snow. It was a bit icy and slippery at points, which slowed us down a bit, and the trail was very narrow, so if you came across fellow hikers, it was a tight squeeze, even if you were pulled off to the side in knee deep snow. We were actually surprised at how many hikers were out, but the biggest shocker was the trail runner making his way up when we were coming down. I was so impressed. Also impressive, the very relevant gear that other people wore on the trail. We saw people in their North Face jackets with their hiking poles. I bet they didn’t fall on their bums. Oh, did I not mention that? Yep, I slipped on my bum twice. Fear not, it was graceful and in slow motion both times, so there are no injuries to report. I was also very quick to get up because my pants were not waterproof. For the record, I was donning my awesome hiking boots with wool socks, lightweight cargo pants, a tee with a flannel layered over, and my water resistant hooded jacket, topped with a headband to keep my ears and head warm and some lightweight gloves. This was not my proudest fashion moment, but sometimes being warm trumps trend. Okay, enough babbling, time for photos!


First photo of the day.


The thick fog was with us all day.


The rocks look so beautiful covered in snow.


The most perfect little red berries.


Wilderness…ya think?


Lake Access? We’re good, thanks.


First glimpse of the lake.


Frozen pond.


How cool is this stone fireplace?


And me, looking cool as ever.

Good night!

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