January Challenge: Days 5 & 6

If you need to get looped in on the January Challenge, visit Apartment Therapy January Cure to get all of the details. I’m going to clump days 5 and 6 into one post today.

Day 5 is all about choosing a project to cross off the list you made on day 1. I have chosen a task that surely everyone has had to tackle at some point; clearing the countertops and getting rid of kitchen clutter. The most notable part of this task is that it is going to affect all of my kitchen organization, as I am going to need to purge my pantry and go through all of my cabinets in order to make room for the items on my countertops. I have taken my before photos (to be shared at the big reveal), gathered inspiration, and done a little on-line shopping to help me execute this plan.



Day 6 is a much simpler task, prepping artwork for framing and display. I purchased frames and matting months ago with the intention of framing some wedding photos for our bedroom. Of course, now that time has passed I have seen new ideas and am not sure that I still want to use those frames but this will push me to finally do this. First step to this will be choosing photos, and then I can work on the frames and display.


If you’re participating in the January Challenge, please share, how is it going?

Have a great Thursday night!

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