January Challenge: Days 8-11

It’s January Challenge round up time. If you’re just joining, read up at Apartment Therapy here.

Day 8: Get a Get-Together Together // Sent out invites for my very first cocktail party! I used Paperless Post and absolutely love the selection, and am so happy that the invites are out. Now it’s party planning time!


Day 9: Create a Landing Strip // Happy with the existing landing strip. We already have a decent landing strip, and the only way I can see improving it, is by adding a tray for mail. I am keeping my eyes peeled but not rushing to buy because what we have now is functioning well. The entry closet holds coats, the door knob holds my purse, and we have a keys bowl on the buffet, very close to the front door. Mail normally piles up on the buffet, so that’s where the tray would come in handy.

20140127-091314.jpgPlease disregard the ugly unpainted door.

20140127-091336.jpgPlease disregard the Christmas decorations –haven’t made it out to the garage yet.

20140127-091327.jpgFeel free to appreciate Mia stealing the show.

Day 10: Try a Media Fast // Failed miserably. Once the workday is over, we have been working hard once we get home to get projects going, so when we finally have a moment to sit and enjoy our dinner, all we want to do is catch up on some shows. We will give it a shot this week though!

20140126-194237.jpgDoesn’t it look so cozy and comfy?

Day 11: Project Progress // A promising idea fails. Over the weekend I purchased wood crates to use as pantry organization. I bought chalkboard paint and was ready to go, very exciting stuff. I pictured white crates with black chalkboard facing, dry goods tucked in neatly, and the ends of the crates all labeled up in chalk. Well, I decided to do a trial run pre-painting just to see how it would all work, and I’m so glad I did. The wooden crates are a great idea but they kind of robbed me of very precious space in my small pantry. The wooden crates are about an inch thick on each side, and in order to pull them out with ease, they cannot sit right against the inside of the cabinet. I’m back to the drawing board here, but I have to admit that my pantry and rest of the kitchen is much better shape now than a before the Apartment Therapy Cure, and for that, I couldn’t ask for more.


The space that is functioning best for me is the coffee and tea cupboard.


Aside from the pantry, one that needs work is the spices/cutlery drawer. Some labeling and a tray would do wonders in here.


The weekend was supposed to be devoted to the bedroom, deep cleaning and closet/dresser organizing, buuuuut, it was sunny here this weekend and I was finishing off the tray table…oh, and did I mention the laundry?! Endless laundry. I kid. Excuses aside, I am off by a day, so I will work on the bedroom in the early part of the week, simultaneously with whatever this January Challenge throws my way.

But seriously, look at this sunshine and the blue sky…too good not to be outside.


How’s the challenge for you?


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