Tray Table: Done, Finally!


This project has taken forever, thanks to a healthy dose of procrastination and frustration. My first round of artwork was a fail, and then I just didn’t have a clear vision, making it nearly impossible to complete. I have learned a big lesson from this project, and that is, you can’t force creativity. If you’re not in the mood, you’re not going to enjoy it, and you’re probably not going to like what you do. Embrace creativity when the mood strikes you, but always, always do your best to nurture your creative side and coax it out.

traytablecloseuptraytabletopThe official plan for the tray table is to get some hooks and hang it on the wall, providing some art as well as function. We do not have a coffee table, so when we entertain, guests are always looking for a place to put their drinks and plates. This isn’t much, but it will certainly be small enough to fit the space comfortably, and big enough to do the job.

What have you been working on lately?


One thought on “Tray Table: Done, Finally!

  1. Sallie R. Witt says:

    Looks really nice and clean. Good job! I can hardly wait to come for a visit, you guys have done so much to the house to make it your home. Beautiful!
    Love you, Mom

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