January Challenge: Update

It’s been a while since I have checked in, and I have been all over the place with this challenge. As of now, party planning is in full swing, home improvements are a daily occurrence, and I’m not exactly following the Apartment Therapy January Cure calendar anymore on a day to day basis. Projects for the week include:

Medicine Cabinet Clean Out // Check out my before and after!


Hanging Artwork  // I tried framing artwork last week but loathe the matting color with the frame color, so I’m painting it!


Party Planning // I’m a Pinning and list making machine!


Image from Pinterest


Dining Room Project // Will be revealed later this week, but here is your clue.


I’m still loving this challenge and really enjoying the transformation at home. One of my favorites…Friday Flowers. That one is going to stick.

Are you participating? How are you doing with it?



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