Life in Photos: Busy Bees

Sorry for the blogging lull, but we have been busy little bees lately. Work has been overwhelming, I’m in crunch time for the party this weekend, January Challenge tasks have fallen to the wayside, and my kitchen is a little, well, out of sorts.

Work has been taking over my days and evenings lately, with long weekday hours and long weekend hours.


Don’t worry, we squeezed in a very fun hike/sledding day on Saturday. More on that later!

Snow Caves Family Pic

The concrete countertops are coming along beautifully, but until this slab is sealed and totally dry, we can’t use it, so the microwave, fruit bowl, blender, and other kitchen essentials are currently living in the dining room…on the table…totally taking over. Also, I really need to make a decision on the backsplash–ideas and suggestions are always welcome.


Projects that I’ve been dying to delve into but haven’t are really beginning to add up, but a wise friend told me that the January Challenge is “extra credit” and boy, did that make me feel better. It’s so true! The improvements we have made thanks to the January Challenge are crazy good (put “January Challenge” into the search to see all of the projects), so I will not fret another second.

Besides, it’s party time this weekend, and my January Challenge time isn’t up yet. I’m very excited to have our friends over, relax and enjoy these amazing people in our lives. If I complete another task, fantastic, and if not, it’s not going anywhere, so I’ll tackle it another day. Sometimes, you need to snap out of the craziness that can be our lives, and just enjoy what’s happening.


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