Lake Serene: Snowy Edition

DSCF2028A couple weeks ago we went on a little adventure to Lake Serene (learn more here). Given the time of year, we were able to enjoy quite the winter wonderland. Lake Serene is not for the faint of heart, with a 2000 ft elevation climb in only 3.6 miles, and it features endless switchbacks and stairs. The hike is an out and back, so in total it is 7.2 miles.

The start of the hike is this incredible mossy, green, rich forest, and it’s calm and flat–the complete opposite of the next 2 miles. Everywhere you look, moss is strewn from branch to branch, and moss blankets the fallen trees.

DSCF1964Out with the green, in with the stairs and snow!
This photo was taken back in September of 2009 when we first visited Lake Serene. It’s amazing to see what it looks like without the snow, and you get this gorgeous mountain reflection on the water.
STP80078 This is a similar point of view as above, but it is just a sea of white.

And, I just have to share an adorable pic of our little Mia girl, taking a much deserved break on the hike.


We may be deep into winter here in the PNW, but the great outdoors are not off limits. Get outside and enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “Lake Serene: Snowy Edition

  1. Sallie R. Witt says:

    Looks beautiful! But cold, no, thank you, I enjoy sitting by the fire. Love that you are adventurous. Very proud of my little girl!!

    Love you, Mom

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