Ice Cave Hike

DSCF2153Here we go again, I have another snowy hike to share with you! A few weeks ago we went to the Big Four Ice Caves, and we brought sleds and friends, which equals a perfect day. Because it was an easier hike, we got a bit more interest from friends, and knew that we wouldn’t be dead tired afterward, so we made a whole day of it. We loaded up our vehicles with sleds and gear, and caravanned all the way there. When embarking on a car ride over an hour long, one must be sure to bring the proper provisions, ie coffee, water, snacks and walkie talkies. Walkie talkies, brilliant.

Upon arrival, we suited up and began the trek. Mia led the way!

There were beautiful mountain views everywhere you turned. Looking back on these photos, it’s pretty amazing that we lucked out on the weather. Not only was it dry, but the blue skies were just gorgeous.

DSCF2158This photo was taken from a good distance, and the size of the ice caves is so deceiving.

DSCF2171I love this shot because it shows off the icicles and the texture of the interior walls of the cave. It may be cheesy but nature is very, very cool.

DSCF2168Of our group, no one was brave enough to go into the caves, but you can see in this photo that people were venturing pretty deep into the caves. (Click on this photo to enlarge it and see how far inside the others went.) You could hear water dripping into the caves periodically, and that was enough to make me nervous and keep me well outside.


After taking in views, it was time for some sledding.


And, time to get a cute shot of Mia wearing her backpack in front of the caves.

DSCF2259And top off the day with a group photo.

After our fun day, we were ready for some hot food and a drink or two, so we stopped off at LJ’s Bistro & Bar on the way back. We enjoyed happy hour, a cozy atmosphere, and some laughs.

Have I convinced you to go hiking in the winter time yet?


4 thoughts on “Ice Cave Hike

  1. Maria Gisela says:

    Brittney, thanks for sharing this amazing pictures!!! Love Mia’s snow hiking gear, she is as adventurous as her parents 🙂

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