Today’s BGD // 3.10.14

Not only was my Monday off to a wobbly start, but the sky was grey, and with the time change, I was a little sleepy. However; being determined to find the best in each day has brought me to yesterday’s BGD, a little thing called quality time with those you love and working with your hands. It’s really the best of combinations. I spent my evening with a bestie, making tutus for the St. Paddy’s Day Dash (a tradition that we have upheld for the last 6 years), while my husband (the handiest guy on the planet) tiled the backsplash in the kitchen. We laughed and we enjoyed admiring all of our creations at the end of the evening.

20140311-121030.jpgSneak peek of the tutu I will don on Sunday for the dash.

20140311-121052.jpgSneak peek of the gorgeous backsplash tile going up in our kitchen. (Please excuse the awful lighting.)

This BGD just goes to show that the start of your day can be a little rocky, but if you hold on the finding the best in your day, you just might hit the jackpot.


3 thoughts on “Today’s BGD // 3.10.14

  1. Sallie R. Witt says:

    Can’t wait to see your tutu for the St. Patrick’s Day event!!
    Marvin, you are amazing! And Yes, I have to agree, you truly are a handyman! Jack of all trades, that’s for sure. Can’t wait to see the finished product! I know it will look amazing!

    Love ya,

  2. Melissa Angulo says:

    I love love love it. Great job Marv-O! And Britt I’d love to see more pictures and here how you made your tutu! Did you cut up a bunch of tulle and tie it onto elastic?

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