#100happydays Challenge


I’m sure that I’m late to this party because I have seen friends using this hashtag on Instagram, and I read about it on A Beautiful Mess yesterday. Better late than never? I think so! Get all of the details here @ http://100happydays.com/. The concept is fairly simple…we all want to be happy on a daily basis, so start documenting what it is that makes you happy. It can be anything, as long as it makes YOU feel genuinely happy. Seriously, read up on this and join me on Instagram for #100happydays, it’ll be fun.



3 thoughts on “#100happydays Challenge

  1. Sallie Witt says:

    That is so funny, that you are talking about this! This is exactly what we were talking about on Saturday when I was out with the girls. We went to Danville and had lunch at “Basil Leaf.” I don’t know if you’ll remember that restaurant, but I really do like their menu, so that made me happy! Spending time with the girls, made me happy as well as the gorgeous day we were blessed with! We were glad that we didn’t take the Ferry to SF, after all. We were exhausted from the long week. Wanted something a little more relaxed and laid back. We got exactly that in Danville. Came across some great home decor stores, which I totally love! As a matter of fact, I think I found a really great window treatment for your french door up in your bedroom that goes out to the balcony!!! I just have to measure and make sure that it’ll work. It is so unusual and really pretty, like you! Of course, you guessed, that made me happy!! Yea, I think I got the idea. What would really make me happy is going with Niques to see you guys! I know this is time for you two and I know she is so excited about it. I wouldn’t dare ruin it for her. Couldn’t,even if I wanted to, too much going on here. Now that does NOT make me happy. Yea, I think I get it.

    Love ya,


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