Today’s BGD //4.19.14

In the busy lives that we all lead nowadays, sometimes I wonder if we do enough to make ourselves happy, and to really take time for ourselves. With #100happydays, I have been trying really hard to be honest with what I post. What makes me happy from day to day changes, and how often I feel happy in a day definitely varies, so to look at each day and choose something can be tough.

Yesterday it was easy…seeing my pups running free, and knowing that my husband had the day off and the time to take them out on a special little trip to the park, made my heart sing.


Thursday was easy too. I don’t wear a lot jewelry, so when I chose to wear the earrings that my dad bought for me, it made me happy to wear them and think of my dad.


Some days aren’t easy at all though. Some days you’re running from one thing to the next, your mind constantly trying to keep up. And when you finally get to stop, all you want to do is sit on the couch and zone out to give your mind a break. At least, that’s how it is for me. Today’s BGD is about being grateful for the opportunity to make yourself happy. Instead of zoning out, you have the choice to do something that will enrich your day. Monday night, I sent myself to bed early and read with a cup of tea, and it was a ridiculously happy moment for me at the end of a long day. On a fantastic Saturday like today, it may take a little more than that, but that’s okay, because I have the opportunity and the choice to make the most of this day.


One thought on “Today’s BGD //4.19.14

  1. Maria Gisela says:

    Brittney, you are so right! Feeling happy is a daily opportunity that we shouldn’t miss and finding happiness can be simple or challenging sometimes, it is all a matter of our thoughts. I am really excited about your backyard ideas, they are all so cute! I can’t wait to see all the stages and results of this new home project 😉 Hugs to you, Marvin, Dodger, and Mia.

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