Let’s Talk…Summer Bucket List


Here in the PNW, summer is the best. It’s short and sweet, always leaving us wanting more. I always feel like it goes by way too fast and that I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do. My girlfriend suggested making a Summer Bucket List, and I have seen these popping up all over the place, so clearly it’s a must. I’m on board.  I have 16 points listed, going off the Memorial Day to Labor Day calendar, which is 16 weeks. Anyhow, I would imagine this will change a bit over the course of the next couple months, but here it goes…

1. Outdoor movies, obviously

2. Outdoor concerts (did I go to any last year?! Shaaaaame)

3. Host a party (grilling, outdoor lighting, music, the whole shabang)

4. Finish our backyard projects (hanging chair, benches, lighting)

5. Eat outside a few times a week, EVERY week

6. Go for more bike rides (and buy a basket for my ride)

7. Outdoor yoga (did it once, and it was awesome…not sure why I haven’t done it again)

8. Be spontaneous (said the planner)

9. Plant flowers, beautify the house!

10. Read more books (the goal is 9 – 3/month)

11. Re-apply sunblock (I’m great at putting it on, not so great at remembering to re-apply)

12. Float a river (or two or three)

13. Hike more (camping hiking counts, but I need to get out there more)

14. Try paddleboarding (I know my hubby is on board, so we need to make it happen)

15. Make three summer dresses (they’re my favorite in the summer, and I know how to sew…no brainer)

16. Take the pups for more walks (they should benefit from the SBL too, right?)

So, will you be making one too? If so, please share.




One thought on “Let’s Talk…Summer Bucket List

  1. Angie Pants says:

    I can help with MANY of those activities on the list, except 4, 10 and 11. Those are all you:) I have one large thing on my bucket list, but its the ‘before 40’ bucket list so it doesn’t count for summer. Great idea, though! It will push you to do the things you want to do, but somehow don’t happen as often as you planned:)

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