READING…The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri I have read amazing reviews, and so far am really enjoying this tale of two brothers.

LISTENING…Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme My husband’s friend is in this amazing funk band. The music is so perfect for summertime, and they just make you want to move. If you live in the area, go to a show!


EATING…cheese and fruit plates for dinner. It has been pretty hot here, and because it never gets hot here, most of us do not have an air conditioner, so definitely no central air. For the last couple weeks I have come home to an 85 degree house. Would you want to turn on the stove or the oven? I think not. I have been improvising for dinners with simple cheese and fruit plates. It’s light, delicious and requires minimal effort…cheese and fruit FTW.

20140715-115713-43033936.jpg 20140715-115714-43034298.jpg

DRINKING…iced Americanos in the AM. I try to keep my coffee buying habits under control, but there’s something about the heat and the sunshine that makes me want to enjoy an iced coffee. My order…a 12 oz iced Americano with light cream and a pump of almond syrup. I’d love to experiment with making my own syrups. Check out these recipes here.

SUCCEEDING…in clearing out some room in my linen closet to make way for some of my closet overflow. I realized that with the linen closet just outside the master, I had some valuable real estate there and I wasn’t using it properly. It was home to guest bath towels, and poorly organized linens. I moved all of the guest towels and a ton of travel size toiletries to…wait for it…the guest bath. Why hadn’t I thought of that before? Anyway, I have freed up some space and made finding clothes and putting laundry away much easier for myself. And I would imagine that guests will like having all of these things at their fingertips, in case they forgot something.


FAILING…at working out. So, this was my failing last month too. I have a couple good days here and there and bam, the lazy monster takes over. I could blame it on the heat, I suppose. Nah, I’m lazy. We have been going for a bike ride once a week, and I have consistently done yoga once a week. So, let’s call this, slowly improving?

LOVING…the weather! The PNW is just gorgeous right now. You cannot beat these summer days. I’m eating it up, wearing my summer clothes, opening windows and getting outside as much as possible. You have to cherish the sunny days here.

WAITING…for my first girl trip in many, many years. Me and a bestie have a trip planned to visit a girlfriend who just moved out of state, and I can’t wait. I never do this sort of thing, so it feels extra special.

WEARING…my gardening gloves! I have been picking green beans and zucchini from my garden and pulling weeds in the backyard, so we can make the backyard beautiful.


That’s it for me. Make a today a great one!



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