Summer Bucket List Wrap Up


I can’t lie, I’m a little bitter about this whole fall thing. I feel like I just need a few more weeks of summer, but the calendar is clear and you can feel it in the air, fall is upon us. In celebration of another fantastic summer, let’s see how I did on the SBL front. Warning: I didn’t do very well.

1. Outdoor movies, SUCCESS // Although I only saw one, it was The Sandlot and a date night, so I am just fine with that.

2. Outdoor concerts, SUCCESS // Again, I only went to one show, but it was a friend’s band, and it was fantastic. Check out Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme.

3. Host a party, FAILURE // We simply weren’t around very much. Maybe I will make up for it this fall.

4. Finish our backyard projects, EPIC FAILURE // I finished nothing. Had I thrown a big party, I believe it would have happened.

5. Eat outside a few times a week, EVERY week, EH // We definitely ate outside a bit, but not a few times a week. I’m giving us a pass on this because I imagined our backyard being a dreamy place, calling to us, and it wasn’t.

6. Go for more bike rides, HUGE SUCCESS // We were so good about going for bike rides and my bike is donning a lovely basket. We had many great evenings because of this goal.

7. Outdoor yoga, FAILURE // Well, in regards to exercise, generally speaking I was extremely fickle this summer. I never got into a routine and never did outdoor yoga, and that’s just sad.

8. Be spontaneous, SUCCESS // In general, I did it. I tried to “go with the flow” and say yes a little more. More often than not, I was glad I did. Perhaps that’s why we were never home though?

9. Plant flowers, beautify the house!, SUCCESS // Thanks to a generous lady named Debbie, I have been a planting fool. I’m terrified that I have killed the peonies she gave me, but I’m confident that the shade garden will survive.

10. Read more books, EH // I did not hit my goal of 9, but I read more than usual. Between my morning reading and one book a month, I read 5. Delivering Happiness, #GIRLBOSS, The LowlandA Homemade Life, The Happiness Project, Blog Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Passion Profit, and to Create Community. I highly recommend them all.

11. Re-apply sunblock, FAILURE // I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

12. Float a river, SUCCESS // We floated a river for the 4th and it was great fun. If you’ve never done it, look into it for next summer.

13. Hike more, FAILURE // There is no excuse. We love being outside but did less hiking, more eating, drinking, and bike riding. I’m not mad about it.

14. Try paddleboarding, FAILURE // We bought a Groupon but could never make the time. Oh well. Next summer?

15. Make three summer dresses, EH // No dresses, but I made jogger pants and a kimono. Success-ish?

16. Take the pups for more walks, FAILURE // We are horrible. There were no more walks than usual. I can assure you that we are doting dog parents though. They also got a whole lot of treats and extra love while my Dad was in town. Please, don’t feel too bad for them.

And just like that, I’m saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. It’s time for boots, cozy sweaters and rain gear.


One thought on “Summer Bucket List Wrap Up

  1. Maria Gisela says:

    Brittney, I think you did amazingly well! Setting goals and changing habits isn’t easy but you accomplished so much in such a short time, congratulations!! And the best and most important part of the process is that you enjoyed your summer, right? You are in inspiration to many, thanks for sharing 😉

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