Life in Photos: Weekend Shots

This was another fantastic weekend, slightly more low key than usual. Friday night involved 5 hours of baseball, Saturday was all about running errands and a Cheese Fest date night (read about that here), and Sunday was all about getting organized and tidy for the week. Oh and there was a little Fantasy Football win for me, no big deal.


Friday night was game 1 of the MLB NLCS series. My husband, a huge Dodger fan, was trying to get the pups to rally. Sadly, it didn’t work.


Oh that Mia girl, such a ham.


Saturday morning breakfast–sautéed spinach, 2 poached eggs, croissant and a latte. Not too shabby.

Saturday outfit snap shot...what I wore for running errands. Flat booties a must.

Saturday outfit snap shot…what I wore for running errands. Flat booties a must.




Breakfast of champions…cheesecake. No judgments, please. Seriously though, River Valley Cheese knocks it out of the park.


We came across this at Cheese Fest. What a great hostess gift, right?


My Fantasy Football win. Glorious.

I hope you had a great weekend! Here’s to a great Tuesday everyone!


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