Halloween Decor on a Dime: Finale

The party was a blast! Here’s the big Halloween roundup. When it was all said and done, we spent about $50 and were able to reuse a lot of old decorations. We found great free printables on Pinterest, pulled some things from our costume bin and, we even made use of our leftover Halloween candy. I regret not taking more pictures, but this will give you a good idea of how it all turned out.










Our friends are so creative and crafty, so their costumes were awesome, but I gotta tell you…my hubby outdid himself this year, as Jack of  Jack in the Box.


I dressed up as a piñata this year, and I loved how easy and inexpensive my costume was…it cost $15 and took about 3 evenings. I got this idea from Pinterest (here’s the pin I used). For night 1, I did nothing but fringe the crepe paper. For night 2, I hemmed my dress (bought at a sample sale for $5) and began adhering the fringe to the dress. I used fabric glue and made sure the my dress was fully extended while applying. I completed the front in about 2 hours. Then for night 3, I finished up by attaching the fringe to the back, and I made my donkey head. The donkey head was a small box with and 2 cone party hats. Again, this was  easy, fun, and comfortable to wear all night.




And so, from our family to yours, I hope you had a great Halloween weekend and made some fun memories.

Happy Monday!


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