Life in Photos: Silver Lining

Sadly, I was in bed sick all weekend long, so I have no adventures to report and no fun photos to share. My weekend, and Monday for that matter, consisted of watching TV, sleeping, taking ibuprofen, and drinking tea. However, because of 4 Simple Goals (more on that here), I have been taking more photos in general, so I flipped through my camera roll and lo and behold, I do have things to share!


4 Simple Goals: Finish projects // Tray table progress


4 Simple Goals: Take more photos // Denim on Denim


Found this on Pinterest and loved the positive vibe.


4 Simple Goals: Take more photos // Admiring this gorgeous little bowl that a friend brought me back from Spain.


I received these new boots in the mail from Shoedazzle. I have worn them twice already and am totally in love.


4 Simple Goals: Wear more color // Navy may be a neutral, but green is definitely color.


This was my weekend in a nutshell, lemon ginger tea and more lemon ginger tea.

To put a positive spin on my boring weekend, I am feeling much better, and I was able to get some on-line Christmas shopping done yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I am such a big procrastinator. I always have great ideas and multiple lists, but I take forever to pull the trigger. Once the holiday season begins, I get swept up in festivities, and then I’m rushing around like a mad woman. Sometimes stuff happens and it all shakes out just fine.

Also, I’m loving 4 Simple Goals. Like, I am enjoying it so much that I have thought about doing this quarterly. Are you participating in 4 Simple Goals? How are you doing with it?


2 thoughts on “Life in Photos: Silver Lining

  1. keely bryant says:

    I love the concept of Four Simple Goals – nothing too big or too ambitious, just little things that help you live in a more mindful, conscious way. I haven’t decided on all 4 yet but I know for sure that I want to eat one vegetable based meal per day.

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