Life in Photos: Snow Day!


We don’t get much snow here in the burbs of Seattle, but it does grace us with its beauty every once in a while. Last Friday was a magical day, being so close to Christmas and seeing the snow fall. Although I was headed into the office like any other day, I took some time to snap a few pictures of the pups enjoying the snow.


Mia loves to run in the snow and try to eat it as she runs.


Dodger just loves being outside in the snow.

The snow day really set the stage for Christmas. As I drove through my neighborhood, I saw snowmen building and people going for walks, and I can only imagine that these activities were followed up with some hot cocoa. And the combination of snow and Christmas lights…gorgeous.

Have you had any snow in your hometown?


2 thoughts on “Life in Photos: Snow Day!

  1. Maria Gisela says:

    Hey Brittney! We are loving your blog and pictures. The presence of snow is always so magical! We made it to Zambia today and although the weather here has been sticky hot, guess what? We were surprise by a storm of hail today! This will be the closest we get to snow in Africa for sure 😉 Continue enjoying the holidays! We love you guys!

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