Post Christmas Online Shopping

Now that the holiday dust has settled, there are sales galore out there, and it’s a great time to stock up. If you’re anything like me and went a little crazy this Christmas and cannot afford to do anymore shopping, come with me down daydream road and do a little window shopping. It’s always fun to look because it can be inspiring–maybe you already own a piece and have forgotten about it, or perhaps something can be DIY’d. Keep your eyes and mind open, and let’s shop…first stop, H&M.


Long navy coat // Jeweled & Studded Beanie // Button Detail Skinnies // Gold Make-up Bag // Pillow // Logo Tank // Decorative Studs // Sweats // Burgundy Funnel Neck Coat

Happy Friday!

One thought on “Post Christmas Online Shopping

  1. Domonique says:

    Oooooo I love it all!! I wish I could go shop =( think I’m going to clean my closet out this weekend. Maybe I’ll get inspired to make something=)
    Love you!

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