Happy NYE!

2013, you threw us some curve balls, but all in all we cannot complain because with every difficulty presented, we landed on our feet, happier, stronger and a little wiser. For me, this was the year of “letting it go.” I have been working really hard on not having to be right all the time, on realizing that some things are simply out of your hands, and on learning from your mistakes but always moving forward. It takes so much energy to dwell on negativity and the bad things that have happened to you, but guess what…it changes nothing. Harboring bad energy isn’t good for your mental or physical health, and it can affect the well being of those closest to you. So, thank you 2013, for being my year to learn to let it go. I’m not a resolutions kind of person, but I am a big believer in goals. In 2014, I have lots of hopes and goals, but knowing that a theme like “letting it go” will emerge, makes me happier than you could possibly know.

Enjoy ringing in the new year tonight, whether you plan on being home in your jammies with a bottle of champagne, or if your going to be at a party with friends and family. Above all, be safe out there!

Goodbye 2013!


One thought on “Happy NYE!

  1. Domonique says:

    “Letting go” is definitely a hard thing to learn to do! I hope I get better at not dwelling over things. Happy new year!! Xoxo

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