2014: Not Bad Day 1, Not Bad

Happy 2014 everyone! I hope that you had a fun and safe NYE, and that you spent the first day of 2014 doing something that makes you happy. I opted for an at home spa day and couldn’t be happier with my choice. I started with a face scrub made of coffee grounds, yogurt and coconut oil, and I got the recipe from this pin. Then I made a mask of gelatin and milk, which is essentially a giant pore strip, and that came from this pin. I finished off my at home spa day with a detox bath. There are a ton of different detox baths out there, but I kept it simple –with this one— and used lavender Epsom salts and baking soda, and the result…glorious relaxation. The day also included breakfast with our next door neighbors and a Dutch Baby demonstration, serious lounging, the start of a new book and Chinese takeout.


Gelatin & Milk Mask // 2014 Mantra from Pinterest // Chinese Take-Out // New Book // Dutch Baby

How was your day 1 of 2014?


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