Today’s BGD // 3.18.14

STP80202Today we learned that some friends lost an important member of their family last night, their dog, Hershey. Hershey was there before they had their two beautiful girls, before we had the pleasure of becoming friends, and she has been there to brighten their days and love them unconditionally. She was an amazing dog with the best spirit, and we have very fond memories of camping and hiking with her. Hershey was a Chocolate Lab / Border Collie mix and a huge part of why we wanted a Border Collie when we first began the search for our furry friends, Dodger and Mia. Hershey was smart and energetic, and always wanted to play, even when she should rest. Although this news is sad, we have to remember the beauty in having a pet that is truly a part of the family. We have to appreciate the pets that are with us and let them know that they are loved. Our friends are going to need time to allow this heartbreak to heal, but the one thing that can always get us through is a memory. Today’s BGD is devoted to fond memories. I know that I’m going to give my pups some extra snuggles and lots of love, and maybe tell them a little story about Hershey Doggy, who was our inspiration for finding them.


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