Welcome Back, Spring!


With Spring officially here it is crucial to remember that we still have some chilly weather ahead, but there’s no harm in daydreaming about what I’m going to do with all of our green space this year.

pebble matImage from GoodHousekeeping.com

Speaking of chilly weather…the rain is not going anywhere, anytime soon up here in the PNW. I got a sweet text from my sister-in-law this morning, with this brilliant idea. This would be lovely on my porch and totally functional. The rocks provide drainage and a place to house your wet boots after working in the yard.

20140321-152431.jpgImage from HGTV.com

I will be planting some veggies again this year, most likely green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, and carrots. I would really like to try out vertical gardening, using stakes to create teepees.


It’s no secret that I love being outside, so with spring here, I’ll be running outside more. There was some sun on the first day of spring here (although missing from this photo), so obviously, I went for a run. The lavender is so vibrant and it’s everywhere in our neighborhood.


I normally run in our neighborhood because I adore all of the little ramblers and all of their charm. On my run yesterday, I came across these adorable birdhouses in a tree.

I’ve been trying come up with some garden ideas for the front and backyard, so I’ll share some inspiration next week.

Happy Weekend to everyone!


3 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Spring!

  1. Maria Gisela says:

    Brittney, how exciting! With Spring comes back the sun and the perfect time for gardening šŸ™‚ That is sometime I really miss while we are traveling, gardening is so therapeutic and rewarding. Can’t wait to see all the beauty you will bring to life and grow! Love you guys.

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