Backyard Dreaming

To put it bluntly, our backyard is a mess. Remnants from the concrete countertop projects are still residing out there, the patio and furniture need to be pressure washed, the wheel barrow is hanging out against the back fence, and most of my potted plants are dead. BUT, I’m so excited to get out there and make it into a little garden dream. I have big ideas, so we need to turn these big ideas into smaller, more manageable ideas. Here is phase one…getting the best ideas in the forefront. Phase two will involve girlfriends, wine, cheese and talking about said “best ideas”. Phase three will be all about planning. Phase four will be, making my garden dream happen.

Here are the best ideas and why they’re at the top of my list.


Image from Pinterest, original source unknown.

Lighting sets the tone for evenings spent outdoors, and it can be something as simple as stringing lights from post to post. I like the idea of our patio being an intimate setting for dinners or an evening adult beverage. We currently have one string of solar lights and it’s just not cutting it, so I’d like to try and make this idea work for us.


Image from Pinterest, original source unknown. 

I will need to add some flowers, plants, and hedges around the yard, close to the house. The color combination here is gorgeous and would really stand out next to our charcoal grey house.


Image from Pinterest, original source is

We have an old papason chair that hasn’t been used in years, so I’m wondering if we can re-purpose it into something as lovely as this. I could read many books in a cozy nook like this. We have patio furniture but nothing like this. Seeing this makes one want to stretch out and take a nap.

So there it is, after much consideration and pinning, my best backyard ideas. I’ll be back with more details next week after my brainstorming session with the girls on Sunday.



3 thoughts on “Backyard Dreaming

  1. Sallie Benitez Witt says:

    I love it!! great ideas and I can picture all of your ideas implemented into your backyard. That will be beautiful! Next time I’m out to see you we will sit and enjoy an evening just talking. Can’t wait, I know you, once you get something on your mind, you will get it done!

    Love you, Happy Friday!


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