Backyard Planning

This past week was full of discussions about the backyard. I shared photos in this post, but now that we have given it more thought, some of the ideas have evolved a bit. I want a backyard escape, a place to read, to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine. We love entertaining, so we would love to see more seating so that everyone is comfortable, and it wouldn’t hurt if we could get a lovely view from inside the house too. Now that I know which elements we can incorporate, and which elements are most important to us, I need a plan and a budget.

bench DIY

I found this image on Pinterest, and a great tutorial for the project at – This is the inspiration.

More seating for entertaining // We are going to make two benches at the back of the patio, most likely of cinder blocks and wood. From what I can tell, this will run us about $40 for the materials. Cinder blocks cost a little over $1 at Home Depot, and then we will need pressure treated 4×4’s, which run about $9 for an 8 ft post, and I will need 3. So, that means $12-$15 for cinder blocks and $27 for lumber. This could be cheaper if we have lumber in the shed, but we will check that out prior to the big Home Depot shopping trip.

hanging chari

This image is my inspiration, so beautiful and cozy. Click on the image for the original source.

Reading nook // We are looking into weatherproofing our papasan chair, and I was able to find some sealant for just under $20.00, and it will help prevent any moisture from collecting on the wood frame. I need to make a stop to my local fabric store to see what kinds of outdoor fabrics they have, so I can entertain the idea of re-covering the cushion. I have checked on-line, and it could be about $9/yd, and since the cushion is quite large, this could be a pricey update. Maybe at the local fabric store I can find some deals. Aside from weatherproofing the papasan chair, we have been thinking about where to put it. I initially pictured it under the tree behind the patio, but my husband (the creative and inventive thinker he is) wants to try hanging the chair from our tree with stainless steel cables or rope. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen but have no idea what it would cost. From what I am seeing on-line, a cable kit could be about $35. Keeping this on the conservative side and just going with what I initially thought up, I’m budgeting $20.


I have yet to find any better lighting inspiration. Click on the image for the original source.

Lighting // I have one sad little string of solar lights strewn across our back fence, so those are going to go up in the tree where they can be put to better use in a smaller area. We are also going to buy some globe string lights that will float from post to post, on either side of the patio. The lights I have my eye on are 25 ft long and cost $35, but I’m going to keep shopping because I think I can do better. In order to hang said lights, we will need posts. We plan to use 8 ft. steel T posts, and those run about $7/piece. I’m budgeting about $50 for this.

We are looking at a $100 backyard makeover here. Now, all we need is some dry weather, so we can get out there and get started!

I can’t wait to share an update on all of this.



2 thoughts on “Backyard Planning

  1. Sallie R. Witt says:

    Great ideas and I can invision it! It will be very cozy. Can’t wait to see what you two come up with!

    Love ya,

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