Summer Bucket List Progress


This summer, as per usual, is flying by and I want to make sure that I get the most out of it, so it’s time to see how I’m doing. I made this list back in the beginning of June, and here we are, quickly approaching August.

1. Outdoor movies, obviously

  • We have not gone to a single outdoor movie, buuuuut we have one on the calendar for August 6th.

2. Outdoor concerts (did I go to any last year?! Shaaaaame)

  • Again, we have not gone to any outdoor concerts, but I am going to one on August 15th.

3. Host a party (grilling, outdoor lighting, music, the whole shabang)

  • My hubby and I have been talking about a little party, maybe at the end of August.

4. Finish our backyard projects (hanging chair, benches, lighting)

  • FAIL! Ugh, I don’t know what my deal is…aside from buying lights, there has been no progress here.

5. Eat outside a few times a week, EVERY week

  • I would say that we have eaten outside probably more like once a week, every week. I’ll call that success.


6. Go for more bike rides (and buy a basket for my ride)

  • My basket arrived last week, and we have a bike ride planned for tonight! We have actually been really great about bike riding once a week.

7. Outdoor yoga (did it once, and it was awesome…not sure why I haven’t done it again)

  • I have done this once…MUST.TRY.HARDER.

8. Be spontaneous (said the planner)

  • I would say that I have been really good about this, but perhaps I should ask my husband.


9. Plant flowers, beautify the house!

  • Flowers, not so much. However, we did pull weeds and my veggie garden is looking great. The pic above is of my tomato plant…starter plant on the left back in May, monstrosity on the right as of a week ago.

10. Read more books (the goal is 9 – 3/month)

  • Yeah, about that…it’s looking more like 1 book/month, which is normal for me.

11. Re-apply sunblock (I’m great at putting it on, not so great at remembering to re-apply)

  • Apparently I don’t learn. I have insane tan lines from camping last weekend. Why you ask? Because I never re-apply!

12. Float a river (or two or three)

  • We floated once already, for the 4th!


13. Hike more (camping hiking counts, but I need to get out there more)

  • So far we have only hiked while camping. There’s still hope though!

14. Try paddleboarding (I know my hubby is on board, so we need to make it happen)

  • We have plans to try out paddleboarding this weekend!

15. Make three summer dresses (they’re my favorite in the summer, and I know how to sew…no brainer)

  • I’m working on a sewing project now, but it’s not a dress. I’ll post about it next week.

16. Take the pups for more walks (they should benefit from the SBL too, right?)

  • I’m failing those poor pups. They are spoiled, but we have not been out for more walks.

Summer is such a great time of year. Summer Bucket List completion or not, this has been an amazing one already.


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