Life with Two Tiny Humans


The last time I shared a post, the boys were 3 months old, and so much has changed since then as we approach their first birthday. I have missed writing here and sharing about our life, so I have given the blog a new look and will be sharing as much as possible about what’s going on here. I will, of course, be more focused on motherhood, but I will still share about cooking and food, secondhand finds, home renovations and decor, and our adventures. For any of you that are new here, allow me to fill you in a bit.

After a long struggle with infertility, the combination of an amazing doctor and his team of nurses along with tremendous support from family and friends, we hit the baby jackpot and became pregnant with twins. Our boys are the greatest gift imaginable and our lives are forever changed. Giovanni is spunky and curious, while Dominic is sweet and soulful, and their love for each other is clear. Dominic was born with Down Syndrome, so not only are we new to parenthood and twin life, but we are also a part of this wonderful Down Syndrome community.

Back when I was writing more regularly, we were in the first home we purchased, enjoying Taco Tuesdays, I worked full time, and my adventures involved lattes and concerts. Nowadays, we are in our forever home, and as a full time stay at home mom, I cook more often than Tuesdays and it’s not usually tacos, and our adventures are leisurely walks and sometimes include farm animals. Life has evolved into something new and it’s pretty amazing.


I do hope that you’re along for this new ride with me and my tribe.



4 thoughts on “Life with Two Tiny Humans

  1. Sallie Witt says:

    My Sweet Brittney,
    I am so glad that you snuck this special time to write in your blog. I have seen you turn into such a wonderful Mother. Your love radiates through your words and when you speak of your boys, well, your whole face lights up. You and Marvin waited a long time for these very special gifts, the boys. My heart melts when I see your family and all the joy these two have brought to you and Marvin.
    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more details of how your lives are changing and developing.
    Love you so much,

  2. Maria Gisela says:

    Brittney, I am so excited to read you again!!! I am so ready to get to know more about your tribe and amazing journey. Hugs and kisses to Dominic and Giovanni 🙂

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