Life in Photos: Baseball & Backyard Fun

This last week was great. We went to two baseball games, and got back into backyard living again. Spring is the best.


A selfie of me and the hubs at opening day for the Mariner’s.


This was taken at the Friday night game. I could not believe what a gorgeous evening it was.


Don’t worry, I didn’t spend the whole night staring at the view. We LOVE food. My hubby had his hands full with “dirty tots” and fried cheese curds in this photo. The dirty tots have cheese, pork belly and pickled peppers. The fried cheese curds have pickled peppers and honey drizzled over the top. Best part of these delicious eats? This is all local stuff; ie Beecher’s cheese, Carlton Farms pork belly, Bay Valley pickled peppers, and Ballard Bee Co. honey. You can find this at Swingin’ Wings in “The Pen”.


That Friday night game was all about Felix Hernandez and he did not disappoint. We left with a W aaaaaand a new t-shirt. Look at all that gold for King Felix!


One of my most favorite things about better weather is basking in the sunshine while enjoying a good read.


Another favorite pastime in warmer weather…entertaining friends at home. I had my best girls over to discuss backyard ideas and there was a whole lot of wine, cheese and laughter.


It’s all about keeping it simple when it comes to spending quality time with friends. We opted to keep our girly drinks like rose, champagne and Perrier on ice right there at the table with us.

That’s our spring so far. I hope that the spring weather has come your way and that you are enjoying it. We still have some rain to get through before our forecast is all sunshine, so until then, I’m making the most of each sunny day.


Life in Photos: Red & White

This was a short but lovely weekend, and although I had to work on Saturday (boooo), I found some time for binge-watching New Girl on Netflix while eating ice cream, –fear not, there are no photos of that– getting excited over some flowers blooming in my backyard, a fun Friday evening with friends and homemade pizza, thrift shopping, and a little cooking while listening to music.

20140324-100821.jpgHow cute are these little white flowers and my garden owl?

20140324-100829.jpgMy girl, Angie, sure can make a pizza. Yum!

20140324-100745.jpgLoving these new flats, but also excited to wear the cute spring jacket I found. I’m sure it will make an appearance this week.

20140324-100810.jpgWith the sun shining on Sunday, I opted to make a crockpot dinner so I could get out and enjoy it. This recipe required very little prep and it was delicious, details to follow this week. In other news, I found a great playlist on Songza called Minstream Indie. I knew about 80% of the songs and loved them all but still found new music that I liked a lot. If you haven’t tried Songza, I totally recommend it.

Happy Monday!








Life In Photos: St. Paddy’s Day Dash


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I just have to share some photos from yesterday. This year is our 7th year of running the St. Paddy’s Day Dash in Seattle, supporting the Detlef Schrempf Foundation. Detlef Schrempf Foundation supports many Northwest children’s charities. When you register for the run, you have the opportunity to donate additional funds to organizations such as  Camp Fire USA Puget Sound Council, Seattle Children’s Autism Center, Inspire Youth Project, and the Healing Center. Learn more here. Aside from our money going to a good cause, we have a core group of friends that run this with us every year, and it is one of my favorite traditions. After the 6k our dear friend, –an avid non-runner– Mel, hosts a party for us and she continues to outdo herself every year. She opens her home to us, so we can change and get into some warm clothes –it’s Seattle, obviously it rains on us– and then she feeds us delicious food. Does it get any better?

20140317-143524.jpgHere’s the group, pre-race.

20140317-143603.jpgBoys will be boys…monkeying around while waiting to cross the street.

20140317-135334.jpgThe ladies, showing off our tutus. I will put together a tutorial early this week on how to make the tutus. They are so easy!

20140317-143622.jpgMel putting the finishing touches on the Baileys & Coffee shots. Also pictured, chocolate chip scones. I know, wow.

20140317-143532.jpgChampagne & pineapple juice, accessorized with shamrock ribbons and straws. Adorable aaaand tasty.

20140317-135141.jpgMini Chicken & Waffles. Hold on to your hats…this is the first of the mini breakfast foods that Mel served. Genius idea!

20140317-135237.jpgMini Coconut Shrimp & Waffles. Ridiculously good.

20140317-135221.jpgI’m not sure what Mel called these, but they were essentially Mini Omelets, with cheese and veggies. Also pictured in back, dried nectarines with blue cheese and nuts.

20140317-135230.jpgMini Quiche with Chicken Sausage.

20140317-135243.jpgA dasher brought Mini Cinnamon Rolls. Yum.

20140317-135304.jpgAnother friend brought these Pistachio Pudding Cups, always a hit in our group.

20140317-135211.jpgAnd, I was boring. I brought some of the mimosa fixin’s but also these little fruit skewers, with honeydew, kiwi, and green grapes.

20140317-143637.jpgThe genius behind mini breakfast foods, Mel.

Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day traditions?


Life in Photos: Special Deliveries

Looking back on last week, it’s easy to see that it was a week of special deliveries.

20140304-103426.jpgI got these beauties in the mail from and am in love. Now, if only the PNW weather would cooperate so I could wear them.

20140303-220625.jpgAs you know from Sunday’s post, I received a very special gift from my sis this week, a Whitney English Day Designer Planner. I am still filling out all of the worksheets, but am getting used to having such a comprehensive tool in my everyday routine. Learn more here.

20140303-220632.jpgLast but certainly not least, we were able to drop off a little care package to a very special person. Our friend’s daughter recently received a heart transplant a little over two weeks ago and is already at home resting and getting better everyday. We are absolutely amazed and inspired by Micaela and her family. If you want to hear her story and show some love on Facebook, you can find out more here.

Make it a great one.


Life in Photos: Weekend Snapshots

Weekends are what dreams are made of, or at least that’s how I felt about this weekend. I went out on Friday night with my husband and his work friends, and as DD, I was able to enjoy a colorful evening, felt fantastic the next morning and received countless thanks for driving. Good times.

20140224-113333.jpgFirst stop was Red Hook Brewery, so I had a Hale’s Cream Ale and a salmon burger…delish!

Since Friday was a late night, I enjoyed sleeping in, and I find sleeping in the most luxurious think in the whole wide world. I was able to get in some light cleaning and handled grocery shopping, and since I did not buy flowers on Friday, I picked up some gorgeous white hydrangeas on Saturday. I spent Saturday afternoon/evening on the couch, eating takeout and dark chocolate walnut brownies, drinking red wine and watching some of the best reality TV I’ve watched in a long time…via on demand…with my favorite girls. It was the perfect night in with girlfriends.

20140224-124855.jpgSome things are meant to be…like this brownie mix being in my cupboard on a girl’s night.

Sunday morning was dreamy. I made a yummy poached egg and finally tried making hash browns in the waffle iron (here’s the recipe), sprinkled some Mediterranean sea salt, pepper and green onion on top, and it was just perfect. I turned on Songza and found the best station, –Tina Turner aaaand The White Stripes?!– sipped my coffee, read my new book and just relaxed. Afterward, I felt so energized and inspired, ready to dive into a project, and so I did (more on that later this week).  After I got my craft on, I made a veggie lasagna, and the hubby and I snuggled up for some Game of Thrones.


Today I feel rested and ready for the week. Busy and action-packed weekends are great, but sometimes being home feels so good and I think you just need that every once in a while.


Life in Photos: Busy Bees

Sorry for the blogging lull, but we have been busy little bees lately. Work has been overwhelming, I’m in crunch time for the party this weekend, January Challenge tasks have fallen to the wayside, and my kitchen is a little, well, out of sorts.

Work has been taking over my days and evenings lately, with long weekday hours and long weekend hours.


Don’t worry, we squeezed in a very fun hike/sledding day on Saturday. More on that later!

Snow Caves Family Pic

The concrete countertops are coming along beautifully, but until this slab is sealed and totally dry, we can’t use it, so the microwave, fruit bowl, blender, and other kitchen essentials are currently living in the dining room…on the table…totally taking over. Also, I really need to make a decision on the backsplash–ideas and suggestions are always welcome.


Projects that I’ve been dying to delve into but haven’t are really beginning to add up, but a wise friend told me that the January Challenge is “extra credit” and boy, did that make me feel better. It’s so true! The improvements we have made thanks to the January Challenge are crazy good (put “January Challenge” into the search to see all of the projects), so I will not fret another second.

Besides, it’s party time this weekend, and my January Challenge time isn’t up yet. I’m very excited to have our friends over, relax and enjoy these amazing people in our lives. If I complete another task, fantastic, and if not, it’s not going anywhere, so I’ll tackle it another day. Sometimes, you need to snap out of the craziness that can be our lives, and just enjoy what’s happening.


Life in Photos: Simple Pleasures

I enjoy writing Life in Photos because it’s fun to look back on my week, remember the fun things I did, the yummy things I ate, and this week’s photos are all about enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

We hosted friends for football viewing on Saturday, and there is nothing better than a full, cozy house.


Sunday morning breakfast –potatoes, spinach and peppers, topped with a sunny side up egg.


Flowers for the January Challenge.


Afternoon reading, curled up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket…so luxurious.


Sunday date night involved a movie and a vodka tonic for me.


A project in the works…exciting stuff.


With Friday quickly approaching, I can’t wait to finish up this project, do some more reading, and enjoy some football.